Delivery and Shipping

How long does it take for delivery of 'in stock' products?

In stock products generally take up to 2 working days for Ireland, 3 working days for the UK, 5 working days for EU countries, 5 working days for USA customers, 7 to 10 working days for non-EU and up to 10-14 working days for the Rest of World.

When are 'in stock' products shipped?

Usually the next working day.

How long does it take for delivery of 'not in stock' or 'pre-order' products?

Shipping for 'not in stock' or 'pre-order' products is stated approximately on the product description on our website. These products will be available to order on a 'Pre-order' basis, meaning the order will get shipped around the time stated on the availability section of the website.

What if the item says 'not in stock' or 'pre-order', can this be ordered?

Generally if an item does not have the option of being ordered from the website and the 'add to basket' button is not visible then the item is likely to be a finished line and cannot be ordered or shipped.

I wasn't home to accept the courier delivery, what can I do now?

We advise keeping a close eye on your delivery by tracking its whereabouts on the courier's website. If a delivery was attempted and nobody was home we advise contacting the courier by telephone and arrange a time for delivery or arrange to collect at the local post service depot. Items which come back to us cannot be reshipped unless a shipping charge is paid. We can only re-ship an item which comes back to us marked as 'Return to Sender'

What is the cost of shipping to my country?

The quickest way to see the cost of shipping to your destination is to add the item to your shopping cart, then proceed to the 1st part of the checkout. To get the exact cost of shipping just enter the country and postcode of your destination and click 'get quote', the shipping cost will show up thereafter. This takes about 1 to 2 minutes to see the cost.

Can I change my address once order is shipped?

In some situations it may be possible to change the delivery address of your order after the item has shipped. This may be possible by Infababy contacting the courier to arrange a new delivery address. Please note changing the delivery address is generally at the couriers discretion so sometimes the delivery address cannot be changed once the goods are with the courier. If the address can be changed there will be an administration charge of £15/ or €15 depending on your location. Address change requests after the order has shipped are currently only available to UK/ Ireland customers. Addresses for orders to be delivered outside of UK/ Ireland unfortunately cannot be changed once marked as shipped.


Can spare parts be ordered from Infababy®?

Please email us with the part required and we can do up a price for same. All current line products spare parts can be ordered. End of line or finished products will have limited parts available until fully sold.

Can a buggy board be bought for our travel systems?

As we do not have any say over third party products we do not know if buggy boards will fit. Generally speaking 'universal' buggy boards should fit but we cannot be held accountable for products that do not fit and warrantee is void if such a product damages the Infababy® travel system.

Can we have instruction manuals for a product if we lose our originals?

Yes we have soft copies of our manuals and can email them. We will require an order no before we can issue the instructions.

Can our car seats be used in any other country?

All of our car seats comply with EU law ECE R44/04. Please note the required certification in your own country BEFORE ordering. Items purchased in a territory with different standards cannot be returned for this reason and we accept absolutely no liability for any circumstances which may arise for purchasing an item without the correct standards for your territory. Purchases made to territories with different standards will be deemed as 'sample' use. See more information on our 'Privacy Policy', 'Customer Rights', 'Refunds Policy' and 'Terms and Conditions' sections of our website before making such purchase. We do also offer the option of using adapters on our travel systems which would allow you to purchase car seats in your territory. Maxi Cosi is a brand that's used worldwide and we do offer adapters for same. Contact us for more information.

Are the harnesses we sell 3 or 5 point safety harnesses?

We offer both options and will be described as such on the product details page of the item in question. If in doubt please contact us on the 'Contact us' page with your queries.

Do we offer any other products not currently on the website?

No. We keep our website updated regularly to ensure it is as up to date as possible. The website can be used as a reference point for all stock availability, new products etc.

What are our travel system wheels made from?

As our products differ across our range its best to read the descriptions carefully for each product. In the description it should tell you when the wheels are made from. The standard wheels are a hard wearing EVA material. We also offer Air Wheels or a new type of wheel called PU Rubber, this is a rubber tyre which does not require a tube. Again, see the descriptions for more information.

What are the dimensions of your travel systems?

All dimensions and specs are written in the product details page on the website.

How long is the guarantee for?

We offer 12 months warranty for all products.

I bought a product that's no longer available on your website. Can I still get parts?

We hold parts for up minimum of 12 months after we finish selling a product. After 12 months we would have only limited spare parts available.

EVO Travel System

What is the size and weight of the package for the EVO 3in1 Travel System?

The EVO 3in1 Travel System and car seat are packed in one box. The box weight is 19kg. EVO approx dimensions: Height from wheel base to handle - 109cm EVO chassis folded with wheels attached approx dimensions: Length - 77cm, Width - 60cm, Height - 32cm EVO chassis folded without wheels attached approx dimensions: Length - 77cm, Width - 58cm, Height - 29cm

Does the EVO car seat work with an ISOFIX base?

Yes, there is an Isofix base available for the EVO car seat which can be purchased on our website. https://www.infababy.com/item/infababy-evo-moto-flo-isofix-base/7h You can either add this as an optional accessory when purchasing the EVO 3 in 1 Travel System or you can purchase it separately at a later date. Please remember it can only be used in vehicles fitted with Isofix connection points. Please refer to your vehicle manual to check if your vehicle is Isofix compatible.

How can i fit the EVO car seat into my car?

The EVO car seat fits into the vehicle using the vehicles own seat belt or an Isofix base which can be purchased separately on our website. We provide instructions inside the same box the EVO car seat comes in as well as with the Isofix base. If you have lost your instructions or need another copy please email us.

I was asked for the chassis number where can I locate this?

The chassis number is located on the underneath of the carrycot / pushchair seat unit, on a white sticker with the letters PJ in it, e.g; 15PJXX. It can also be found on both of the inside leafs / flaps of the box that the travel system was delivered in.

MOTO Travel System

What is the size and weight of the package for the MOTO 3in1 Travel System?

The MOTO 3in1 travel system is packed in 1 box for Ireland, UK and Europe. The MOTO 3in1 travel system is packed in 2 boxes for the United States (due to shipping weight restrictions). MOTO approx dimensions Height from wheel base to handle: 107cm MOTO chassis folded with wheels attached approx dimensions: Length - 90cm, Width - 62cm, Height - 30cm MOTO chassis folded without wheels attached approx dimensions: Length - 96cm, Width - 51cm, Height - 20cm

Does the MOTO car seat work with an ISOFIX base?

There is an Isofix base available for the MOTO. You can either add this as an optional accessory when purchasing the MOTO 3in1 or you can purchase it separately at a later date.

Can i buy the MOTO as a 3in1 without the Isofix base?

Yes you can purchase the 3in1 independent of a base.

Can i buy the MOTO as a 2in1?

Not currently. If you have any specific requests please email help@infababy.com and someone will try to help with your query.

Group 123 Car Seat

What is the size and weight of the package for the Group 123 car seat?

The Group 123 car seat box weight is 11kg and the size is 51cm x 46cm x 65cm.

Is the leatherette material breathable?

The leatherette material is fully breathable and keeps your babies temperature regulated with pin sized air vents along its surface.


I received a damaged parcel, what do I do?

If you receive an order in the post please check it fully to see if there is any damage to the box(es). If there is significant damage and you think the product may be damaged then do not sign for it. The courier will then send it back to us as 'customer refused due to damage'. If this happens we will ship you a new product when we receive this back.

I think my product is faulty, what do I do?

If you believe you received an item that's faulty please outline as much information as possible by emailing Infababy®, photos and a full description of the fault can speed up any resolutions. We will then liaise with you to see what the correct course of action will be. If is deemed to be a fault a new part will be shipped to you. If it's not covered under warranty then spare parts can be purchased from Infababy® directly if the part is available.

I just don't like it, can I just send it back?

Yes. We exceed EU law and offer our customers a full 30 days to decide whether you like or don't like your purchase. It must be in re-sellable condition and NOT used in order to send it back for full reimbursement. Items that have been used will not qualify for reimbursement.

It's expensive to ship it back, is there another alternative?

If you have decided that you wish to return your order you may do so by visiting our partner couriers www.parcel2go.com. They offer low cost collection from homes in the UK and Ireland. They also offer collections from various countries around Europe and outside of the EU. Please visit www.parcel2go.com for more information. You can opt for their couriers to collect from the comfort of your own home or drop the parcel(s) to a nearby Parcel2Go collection point at a time or day which suits you. ***Please note Parcel2Go is a 3rd party company and Infababy cannot be held liable for issues with any 3rd party companies. There are similar companies offering similar services, please note Infababy are not affiliated with Parcel2Go***

Order Processing

Why is my order status 'awaiting customer response'?

90% of all orders get shipped the same day they are placed, providing the item is in stock and there are no issues. Of the 10% remaining the following are some reasons why the item has not shipped and will not ship until discussion with the customer: a) There is a query regarding item(s) on your order b) We need to speak to the card-holder to ensure the transaction was approved by same. c) We require further validation on your order as the order billing address does not match the billing address of the card-holder d) There may be a stock issue e) There may be a delay with the shipping of your order f) The correct shipping cost was not paid If 'awaiting customer response' is your current status it is advisable to contact Infababy® at your earliest convenience and following the steps which would have been emailed to you to change the status and continue processing your order. Orders with this status cannot be shipped, processed or refunded until the issue is resolved.

What is 3D Secure?

Our website now requires credit card payments to be validated by 3D secure. 3D secure is an extra level of security by all leading credit card companies to ensure greater protection for their credit card holders. You will need to have 3D secured enabled with your credit card company in order to place an order on our website. Obtaining a 3D Secure password is an easy process and only takes minutes. 3D Secure is called "Verified by Visa" with Visa credit cards and "Mastercard Securecode" by Mastercard. For more information on 3D Secure please see the following links from Visa and Mastercard respectively: https://www.visaeurope.com/making-payments/verified-by-visa/ http://www.mastercard.com/ie/consumer/mastercard-secure-code.html

PayPal orders?

Please note we only allow PayPal orders which are marked as "Eligible" by PayPal. Ineligable orders will have to be cancelled due to security reasons. Eligible by PayPal means the users address and security details have been verified by PayPal. More information about "eligable" orders can be found here taken from PayPal own website: https://www.paypal.com/ie/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security.

Contacting Us

Emailing Infababy® – How to do so efficiently?

If you have placed an order with Infababy® please make sure to write the order number and card-holders name which was used for the order in every correspondence to us. Failure to include your order number and name will result in us requesting the order number before we can continue discussions. If you do not have an order number and your email is query based please make sure to write the exact product, model and colour and then write your query.

I have an order but don't know where my order number is?

Your order number or ID would have been automatically emailed to you when you placed your order on our website. If you mistakenly deleted this or do not have it for any reason then please ensure to write the exact name, date and product type, model and colour which was ordered. Our admin team will then try to locate your order. This is not a guaranteed way to find orders, the order ID approach is a more definitive way to locate user orders. *Note: Please allow longer reply periods for customers who have placed an order but do not have an order number **Note: We will not engage in communications with customers who purchased a product from a 3rd party such as Amazon or eBay, etc. Customers should contact the 3rd party companies for any queries regarding their order.


I paid in $ US Dollars or £ UK Pound Sterling. Why does my bank statement show a different price that i paid for my product?

As we are based in Europe we charge Euro as our base currency for all orders. If you see a difference in price on your bank statement than what you originally paid it's because of the currency conversion charges from your bank. So if you paid £100 Pound Sterling for a product and your bank statement reads £102.50 Pound then the bank has charged you £2.50 for the conversion. Also please note that our currency conversion rates on our website is updated weekly, not daily so the direct currency conversion from Euro to your local currency can be off a little. For example £ Pound to € Euro can be .75p to €1 on a given day but our websites currency conversion could be .76p to €1 therefore your order could be off by a couple of pound. Note this end figure could be up or down in the figure you were expecting the product to cost. To summarise, the difference in price can be up or down on the figure you were expecting because of the currency conversion on the day the bank charges your account and also your own local bank rate are the main factors. It's recommended to contact your local payment provider to find out what their charges are for converting currency if you feel the price is incorrect.

An error shows up when i try to pay online

If you are unable to pay online or are getting an error message when trying to pay for an order it could be a browser related issue. If so then try the following steps: 1. Please close down all browser windows 2. Then open up your browser again 3. Hold control+shift+delete together/ a window should pop up asking if you want to delete your browser history. Click yes. 4. When your browser history is deleted close the internet 5. Open it back up and try your payment again Note: If the payment does not go through then try pay using a different card or method such as PayPal.

Note - This is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and should not be seen as a binding agreement. For all policy documents please refer to our 'Legal and Privacy' pages for more information. This page is a descriptive page showing questions that sometimes arise. The answers can be subject to change at any point by management.