Everything You Need To Know About Infababy ULTIMO 3 in 1 Travel System

4th October 2017 by Infababy

The Award Winning Infababy ULTIMO 3 in 1 Travel System is one of our most luxurious prams and truly the ultimate travel system. It is a go anywhere and do anything kind of pram because of its air filled all terrain wheels which will make your journey comfortable and stable in most conditions. This wonderful 3 in 1 Travel System comes complete with a luxury chrome finished chassis, leatherette covered handle and bumper bars including a carrycot, seat unit, car seat, seat unit foot apron, padded seat liner for extra comfort and a raincover. It is also available as a 3 or 4 wheeler, therefore there are absolutely no limits with ULTIMO by Infababy.


Common Questions about ULTIMO 3 in 1 Travel System:


1. What is the frame made of?

The ULTIMO frame in made from ultra-lightweight aluminium which makes it extra compact and very easy to fold in any circumstance with its quick fold system. At the same time, its luxury chrome finish provides a truly elegant feel and look.


2. Is the leatherette handle adjustable?

Yes, the fully adjustable black leatherette handle is not only elegant but also very practical. In order to reach the desired handle height, all you need to do is press the two buttons on the inside of the handle and move it upwards or downwards.

Ultimo handle

3. Why is there a reflective piping trims on the fabric?

Here at Infababy, we take you and your child’s safety very seriously. This is why our ULTIMO Travel System is made using premium fabric with reflective piping trims for improved visibility and safety at all times throughout your journey at night time.


4. What type of wheels does the ULTIMO Travel System have?

The ULTIMO Travel System features all-terrain air filled wheels which will make your journey stable and comfortable in most condition. For extra comfort, the front wheel/wheels can spin around and can be locked or unlocked by moving the lever above the wheel up or down.


5. Is the ULTIMO Travel System equipped with a shopping basket?

Yes, exceptionally large shopping basket will allow you to shop til you drop and store all of your purchases safely. It also has a cover which can be zipped closed for added security.


6. Does the ULTIMO Travel System have a foot brake?

Yes, our ULTIMO allows you to stop anywhere, anytime you want in a safe manner as the back wheels can be locked quickly and easily by pressing the foot brake located between the two back wheels.

Ultimo brakes

7. Does the ULTIMO Travel System have a multi position recline and footrest for better comfort for my baby?

Yes, the ULTIMO Stroller gives you an option to go from forward facing to parent facing within seconds and it also features a multi position recline and adjustable footrest, whether your child needs a big look around or an afternoon nap.

8. Are the ULTIMO Travel System covers fully removable and washable?

All ULTIMO covers are fully removable and washable so there is no need to worry if the things get a little bit dirty. Please see manual for washing instructions. Also, it’s important to know that all components are made from Infatex breathable fabrics which are soft, stylish and will provide great comfort for your child.


9. Does the ULTIMO Travel System feature a peek a boo window hood?

Yes, it does. This smart feature allows you to have a ‘’peek’’ at your child anytime without the need to stop. It is very beneficial when the stroller unit is facing forward as it gives you a constant view of your child.

Ultimo Peek-a-boo

10. Is the ULTIMO Travel System carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

Our Carrycot in fact, features fully ventilated construction allowing maximum air flow and breathability for the highest quality sleep and comfort of your new born baby during the day. However, the Carrycot is not suitable for overnight sleeping.


11. What type of safety harness does the ULTIMO Travel System have?

We understand that safety is paramount to every child product, that’s why our stroller features a 5 point fully adjustable safety harness and the car seat features a 3 point fully adjustable safety harness.


12. From what age is the ULTIMO car seat suitable?

ULTIMO Car Seat is suitable from birth up to 13 kg (4-28lbs). It includes a baby hugger for optimal comfort of your new born baby which can be removed when baby gets bigger.


13. How can I secure the ULTIMO car seat?

The Car Seat can be secured in your vehicle using the car seat belt. Alternatively you can purchase the Isofix Base, sold separately which can be used with the ISOFIX connection points in your vehicle (for this option your car is required to have ISOFIX connection points, see your vehicle handbook for more information)


14. What Safety Standards does the ULTIMO Travel System Have?

We don’t just pass standards we surpass the strictest tests to ensure complete peace of mind for you and your loved ones. We passed the below standards with distinction.


EN1888- Carrycot/Stroller ,ECE R44/04-Car seat and Isofix base European Standards


BS5852 - UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations



15. How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery is FREE of charge for the ULTIMO Travel System as the price is over our free delivery threshold.



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