The Infababy I-Size Car Seat

10th July 2017 by Infababy

Now parents can have their little ones in a rear facing car seat for longer with our new I-Size Group 01 car seats. It’s no longer about babies’ weight that determines how long they stay rear facing its now the child’s height. Our I-Size car seats allow your child to stay rear facing for a height of up to 83cms. You can then take the seat from the base and turn it forward facing when the child is older and taller and can be up to 95cm in height. Uberchild go that extra mile to ensure you and your baby are equipped with the products that get you to your designated journey in the safest way possible. I-Size is now the safest standard for your baby and is a standard that’s proving to be a great success with parents. There are many studies done over the years that prove that it’s safer for babies to travel in the rear facing position in a vehicle.
Some of these studies can be viewed below:
1. AAP Car Seat Safety Guidelines
2. Rear Facing: Just The Facts
3. Rear Facing: 5 Times Safer than Forward Facing


We also include a handy video outlying the importance of rear facing car seats.







Our I-Size car seats have the following features:

•Suitable from birth to 95cm long (rearward and forward facing) 
•Rear facing from birth* up to 83cm long 
•Forward facing from 71 to 95cm long 
•Includes free cuddleme™ insert to be used while in rear facing direction, or until the child is over 83cm long. It can also be used in forward facing position when you remove the foam head insert (refer to the manual for details) 
•Light installation indicators and audible beep sound to confirm seat is installed correctly. 
•Isofix Installation with support leg. 
•Easy to install. 
•Integrated 5 point safety harness. 
•High-quality coverings are fully removable and washable. 
•Comes in 2 colours. 
•Latest I-size regulations. 
•Extremely padded and vented Ubertex™ materials to allow for a more comfortable journey for baby. 
•Ventilation slots to allow breathability around your child whilst in the car seat. 
•Car seat flips from rearward to forward facing by lifting the seat off the already installed base. Then it’s a matter of just turning the seat around to be forward facing. 
•7 different head height positions so car seat grows with your baby. 
•5 seat recline positions when seat in forward facing mode.




The Neon Indicators on our I-Size car seat are really helpful:






The Side Bumpers ™ inserts are so cosy:





The Recline is great in rear facing, and pretty good forward facing too:




Check out our car seats online. We offer a 30 days no quibble money back guarantee if you don’t like your car seat.


But we are confident you will like it, just like we do.


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