New ICON Travel System at Infababy

30th June 2017 by Infababy

We would like to introduce you to our brand new signature ICON Travel Systems! It was designed by a simple elegant brush stroke and manufactured with the same elegant process to ensure the ICON is not only great looking, but is solid and practical for parents


The ICON features an iconic design that looks like a gentle wave of a clear morning ocean current. We call it the ICON because of its iconic and original signature design profile. Its design began with a simple wave of an art brush by our designer.
Not only is the design iconic and very striking but also the technology used on the system is modern and very practical. We use the highest quality carbon and aluminium composite frame material to ensure the frame is ultra-strong, yet ultra-light.
It took us a long time to source and produce the ICONs soft, yet durable, and washable fabrics. On close inspection the fabric looks like a denim fabric yet it’s soft and gentle enough for baby.
We have a duvet style interior bedding that makes inside the ICON look and feel as comfortable as it should be for baby. The handles are all hand stitched faux leather which feels great to touch and puts you in control of your ICON.
Other Features
The height of the carrycot, carseat or stroller can be adjusted by sliding up and down the frame using our patented 'up-down' mechanism attached to the frame. The faux leather handles are also adjustable which gives you even more comfort and control when it comes to your ICON.
ICON 3 in 1 Travel System Includes:
Car seat
Rain cover 
Leatherette covered handle and bumper bar
Foot Apron
Changing bag
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