Christmas is a magical time for everyone, especially when there is a new member of the family on the way. However, we understand that it might also be a bit stressful for new moms to be. In our blog, we’ve got a number of tips to help you enjoy this wonderful festive time stress-free.

1. Plan and Rest. A Lot!

Organise your time well so you will not become overtired. You need to be gentle with your body and your mind at all time as stress and tiredness is not healthy for the baby. Also, do not be afraid to say ‘’no’’. You might be invited to a number of different events and remember that you are not obligated to attend every single one. There is two of you now, so people who care about your health will understand.

2. Shop Online

Online shopping can become very handy when it comes to Christmas preparation. Save yourself a hassle of walking around over-crowded busy shops and buy online, starting from groceries all the way up to presents. Most places offer a very quick delivery which means you will not fall behind.

3. Eat Safe

Watch out for your food and drink, making sure you and your baby will stay healthy and happy.

4. Take a Lot of Photos!

Make sure you’ll have your camera ready to capture the beautiful moments while celebrating your pregnant Christmas. Don’t forget to take photographs of your bump too. A themed professional photo-shoot might also be a fun idea.

5. Include Special Decorations

Buy or make special Christmas ornaments to highlight this special time of the year. This might include Christmas tree ornaments or stocking with the name you selected for your baby.